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How do I figure out my ring size?

MG Jewelry and Blue Nile have great guides for determining ring/finger size:



Can I place an order for custom work?

Yes! If you have your own strings or beads that you would like to use or if you have your own design that you would like us to assemble for you, simply email us your request and contact information and we will take care of the rest.


Why can't I find the item I recently purchased?

We are always creating new designs and trying them out at shows.  If you can't find it online, feel free to contact us, and we'll make it up for you.



What is your return policy?

We will exchange any unworn item with a receipt within 90 days for any item of equal value or issue store credit for the full amount paid - redeemable for up to 1 year from the return date.


How did Rock N Roll Jewelry start?

In the fall of 1991, Peter Holmbeck braided up the first Bass-let. We'll let him tell you about it:

"I guess the story really starts though when I changed the strings on my new but very used beat up generic Hondo brand candy apple red bass guitar I got for my 13th birthday 8/11/1986.  I knew there had to be something I could do with those old strings.  For a few years I saved all my used strings in a old cardboard box waiting for the eureka moment. 
My dad who made jewelry out of crazy farm stuff (he crafted his own wedding ring by hammering a $.05 nickel from a flat disk with a hole in it to a thick band perfectly fit to his finger still going strong after 46 years of marriage) taught me how to make jewelry and how to braid. 
With that knowledge I braided some thick leather into a bracelet.  I made the ends from copper wire and solder.  Later while wearing this leather bracelet I figured if I could braid this thick leather (similar in size to a bass e string) I could braid those old bass strings.  That was the eureka moment.
On a cold night fall of 1991 in my dads farm shop I attached three bass e strings to his shop vice and started to braid.  It took a while, but with determination, blistered fingers, and hand cramps I forced those strings into a good looking tight braid.  I made a similar copper wire and solder ends to give it a finished look. When it was done, I thought it looked incredible and imagined what other jewelry items would look cool out of the rest of my strings.  The very next day I made the worlds first Guitar St-ring Ring
, a daisy necklace, and a cross necklace all from those old bass guitar strings.  Within a week I had a dozens of designs. 
We have come along way since that first bass-let® bracelet.  We still have it, preserved for posterity on display here at our shop in Orlando FL. 
Thank you for your interest.
Peter Holmbeck"



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