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Guitar St-Ring™ Ring

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    Product Description

    Not just a ring.  A Guitar St-Ring™.  Precisely twisted from two thick stainless steel guitar strings fused together with silver for a finely crafted visual statement.  Want a thicker looking ring?  They’re stackable.  Put a couple of ‘em together.  

    3.25 mm wide in various sizes.  Made from stainless steel and silver solder.  Will not rust.  Will not turn your finger green.


    Warranty Information

    Free repair 1 year from date of purchase. Not included in warranty - string will not turn finger green but in rare cases silver joint may for individuals with high acidity skin (easily cleaned with soap and water). Made from stainless steel. Not made from stain-proof steel. Will not rust unless left in evaporating water which voids warranty. Rust is easily cleaned off the surface with wire brush.

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    Product Reviews

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    1. Years and Years...

      Posted by Liv S. on 20th Aug 2014

      I bought my guitar string ring at fourteen years of age. My mother bought me a bracelet to match. Both are still perfect. I wear the ring every single day and people still notice it. When I wear the bracelet, people always ask where I got it.
      I adore this line of jewelry and can honestly say that I would recommend it to anyone. Long-lasting, interesting pieces. I definitely think I got my money out of my ring--and still going!

    2. Awesome!

      Posted by Tom on 23rd Sep 2012

      I have a wolf ring on my right hand and never really thought of getting another ring for either hand. Well, me and my girlfriend were at the Big E (a HUGE 2.5 week fair in New England) and saw the booth for this company. Loved all the stuff, but my favorites were this ring and a necklace with and amp plug hanging from it. My girlfriend bought me this ring for the pinky on my left hand, and it's absolutely awesome. Very low profile but still noticeable, and as a guitarist myself it's damn cool to wear a piece of the instrument I play.

    3. Awesome ring for Men

      Posted by DAG on 24th Apr 2012

      Saw this in Universal loved the single ring so I bought it or my husband, who is not a jewlery person. He LOVED it. Wears it all the time - well he did until he left it on the sofa and it disappeared. excited to get him a new one.

    4. best ring i've ever had

      Posted by Nox Terran on 5th Dec 2011

      the GF (now Fiance) and i were at universal studios this past year for Mardi Gras and spotted this little stand selling guitar jewelry, being a crafter and having tried to do this same thing i took a look and we ended up buying 2 of these rings, one for her and one for me. i have worn it every day since and it never came off untill...unfortnuatly...it broke at the soldier point. most people would rate this as a bad thing but frankly it didnt bother me as i am most likely the cause from inserting things inside it to clean between the strings. anyhoo i digress, i love these rings and am, as i write this, figuring out if i want to buy a new single to replace it or upgrade to a double or tripple for my wedding band, WILL buy again and whole heartedly support this company with everything they make.

    5. Originally Amazing!

      Posted by AliC on 10th Mar 2011

      I LOVE this ring! It's really cool & original, but sooo comfortable! It's kinda hard to find rings that fit small fingers, but this comes in so many sizes that I found one for myself (finally) :) i'd say, buy it!

    6. my BF

      Posted by Canadian st-ring lover on 8th Dec 2010

      a couple of years back my BF and I found this stand in Universal Studios and they were selling St-Rings and I bought him one, we live in Canada and when we drove back home he somehow lost the ring in the truck somewhere but a few weeks later it was found, about a year later he was playing football with his friends and lost it again and again he found it but last spring he lost it somewhere between the bus stop and our house and this time we were not so lucky, so he has been without this ring for almost a year and this year for X-Mas I was searching for the perfect gift for him and then I stumbled upon this website and have now ordered another one for him it will be THE perfect gift!!!. The point of this review is; through all of the beatings (and yes there were few) this ring had overcome and being lost and stuff I found that it really held up and never once did it turn green or hurt his finger or even warp, I love these rings and would highly recommend one for the guitar lover in your life!! they are build strong and will last through almost anything!! also they look great!!

    7. Fantastic little item!

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2010

      I love my ring! They are so incredibly comfortable, and suites me perfectly. It's so simple and genius that I tell everybody about them. I play guitar, and I always think it's awesome to find guitar related stuff that's not cheezy and typical. Very original! 5 stars!

    8. New Wedding Ring

      Posted by Herkermer on 28th Sep 2010

      I bought my ring at Icthus this year and I love it. My original wedding ring has gotten to small, so now I wear the guitar string ring in place. I believe there is symbolism in it too. To me the two strings reminds me of the two becoming one flesh. And the sautering on it reminds me that it is God who holds us together. And without Him, we would fall apart. Plus I have had magnets stick to it. Another point = love attracts.


      Posted by Tokitken on 20th Mar 2010

      I had to look for a new purity ring because the last one I had, turned my finger green. Then I stumbled upon your store at Universal Studios and let me just say, this is by far, the coolest and best ring I had ever owned!

    10. Pretty tough

      Posted by Amelia on 20th Nov 2009

      I am a girl and I don't like the hassle of taking my jewelry off to shower, I absolutely love this ring. My bf got it for me at the state fair and it is a very memorable piece. Very durable, doesn't turn your finger green (does cause some marks from the weld the first few showers, but it was hardly noticeable and it stopped after like a week). Really tough, I work at Menards and it has lasted so long.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 16 | Next

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